JRE is an association of young restaurateurs who share their talent and passion for gastronomy with like-minded people

The association has more than 350 restaurants and 160 hotels spread over 16 countries; Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

JRE chefs combine top cooking talent with a passion for cooking and the use of local products while maintaining tradition. Their passionate art of cooking combined with perfect hospitality and an atmospheric ambiance offers guests the incredible JRE experience.

Membership is open to restorers under the age of 42. Upon reaching the age of 50, members lapse into an “honorary membership” “Table d’Honneur”.

At JRE, it’s all about sharing, stimulating and inspiring. Chefs demonstrate enormous solidarity by sharing their knowledge and expertise with colleagues. As a guest in one of our restaurants you will experience the boundless ambition and passion of our chefs.