Friends from ‘t Pakhuus

Peter Bongaards

In the field of fish, you can safely call Peter Bongaards a household name. With his two shops “De Texelse Visspecialist” and “De Oude Vismarkt”, he always offers a wide range of fresh fish and both locals and tourists know how to find him. In addition, he supplies the vast majority of the catering industry on the island, including of course also Restaurant ‘t Pakhuus.

All fish, shellfish and crustaceans that you find in ‘t Pakhuus are supplied by Peter and his team. Due to the very close cooperation with ‘t Pakhuus they deliver fish 7 days a week and we guarantee that the fish on your plate is fresher than fresh!

Herman Blom and Frido Boom

These rough sailors are dyed in the wool. With their years of experience, combined with a good dose of humor, they take you on an adventure on the TX10 and TX20. During the trip they like to share their vast knowledge about the Wadden Sea with you and there will be fished for shrimps. It is always exciting what else ends up in the nets.

Of course the shrimps are boiled down and it is explained how to peel the shrimps. There are no fresher options! The enthusiast also gets a bag to take home. Highly recommended for young and old, and every time a pleasure to make this trip.

Jaap Dros

Recently appeared in “Landleven” and in the television program “Binnenstebuiten” and can rightly be called a BT-er (well-known Texelaar). Those who do not know Jaap from the time when he taught at the local secondary school, do know him from his music. A little less known is that Jaap has a beautiful orchard of 3 hectares in which he has unsprayed nuts and all kinds of fruit trees.

This’ lazy grower ‘as he calls himself, supplies’ t Pakhuus with all kinds of fruit, including walnuts, hazelnuts, but in season also the less known but delicious mulberry. In addition, ‘t Pakhuus had the scoop last year with its homemade apple juice to which no flavors, colors or fragrances are added.

Bert and Meina Keijser

The Keijser family has been working on their asparagus for more than 25 years. Meanwhile praised by many and a true Texel delicacy! The knowledge was acquired in Limburg at the time, but put it into practice on Texel. The salty soil on the island makes for a beautiful soft and tender asparagus that is also gaining fame nationally. So it comes as no surprise that these asparagus are in great demand in the Texel catering industry.
In addition, the sympathetic Bert Keijser also gives guided tours in the season where you enter the asparagus fields with him and they annually organize an asparagus dinner at the asparagus farm that is always completely sold out.

Martin and Karina Zeeman

From 2007 Martin already became known as “De Tesselse Oyster man” and he was at many markets and parties on the island. In addition, he organized workshops with his wife Karina and they co-wrote the book “Oysters & More”. During their oyster parties, they were asked if they could also provide other snacks, so the idea for their shop Smakelijk & Meer was born.

In the meantime, foodies know where to find the shop and with a surprising and original assortment, every “foodie” can indulge himself. In ‘t Pakhuus you will regularly find the delicacies of Martin & Karina.

Anton Witte

Cheese has been made on the Wezenspyk farm on ‘the old land of Texel’ since 1981. Owner Anton Witte started making classic Texel farm cheese. Later he expanded his range with the famous Texel sheep cheese and a fantastic goat cheese. Nowadays Texel cheeses from Wezenspyk are indispensable and they carry the “Genuine Texel Product” quality mark. That Anton’s cheeses are of high quality has also been noticed internationally because he regularly wins prizes.

You can also regularly find his cheeses in restaurants throughout the Netherlands. Of course ‘t Pakhuus always has several of these Texel gems on the cheese trolley!

Kees Groenewoud

In the past, potatoes were used for burning. With that in mind Kees and Jaco went to Arnold Langeveld from Hoeve Nieuw Breda, who was immediately enthusiastic. From the collaboration that followed, the basis for the drinks of distillery Texel was created.

After the success of, among others, the TX Gin, the range was soon expanded. For example, they expect an Ocean Aged TX Gin this year: an exclusive recipe that is aged in refurbished French oak red wine barrels that are transported to the other side of the ocean and back with the sailing ship Tres Hombres. This way of bearing provides a unique balanced and mature taste.

‘t Pakhuus serves the TX Gin as an aperitif, a beautiful glass to start the evening with!

Jacque Brouwer

Jacque is one of Texel's best kept secrets. This by origin American lady is a true specialist in edible flowers. In her own large garden, she cultivates, discovers and experiments all year round with flowers, herbs and all kinds of vegetables. She regularly manages to surprise the chefs at 't Pakhuus when she enters with her bowls full of beautiful and delicious flowers. Her flowers are grown with love and you can see and taste it!