Visrestaurant 'T PAKHUUS
Haven 8, Oudeschild


't Pakhuus works a lot with menus.
Be suprised by the kitchencrew with all the beauty that the sea has to offer!
Not a fish lover or are you vegetarian? Are there diets or allergies, or is there something that you really do not like?
Let us know, we like to take this into account.

5 course suprise menu


course suprise menu


7 course suprise menu



't Pakhuus does not offer wine arrangements, but always has a nice selection of wines that can be served with the dishes. 
Would you prefer a matching bottle if wine by your menu?
Be advised by your host / hostess!
Matching bottle of wine with your menu?
Be advised by your host / hostess.



3 Course choice menu 


Cauliflower | Fermented garlic | Parmesan

Beef Carpaccio 
Truffle | Amsterdam Onion | Caper

 Lobster Bisque
Crayfish | Marsh Samphire | Crème Fraiche


Desem | Algae Caviar | Crispy Shrimps
(5.00 additional cost)


Extra course

Grilled Brill Fillet
Pearl Barley | Texel Walnut | Truffle
(9.50 additional cost)


Baked Duck liver
Brioche | Rum caramel | Onion
(13.50 supplement)


Main courses 

Baked Haddock
Saffron | Fish Sauce | Potatoes

Terrace Major
Carrot | Gravy | Chimi Churri

Venison Fillet
Mushrooms | Amsterdam Onion | Gravy
(7.50 additional cost)



Pancake | White Chocolate | Bergamot
Wine suggestion: Golden Spiral ICE
Germany | Ripe | Fresh | Gold-yellow | Long aftertaste
7.50 per glass
Grilled Pear
Pure Chocolate | Cinnamon | Pistachio
Wine Suggestion: Vicciomaggio San Jacopo Il Santo
Italy | Elegant | Honey | Dried Fruit
6.50 per glass
Savory Dessert
Duck Liver | Fig | Dark Chocolate
(8.75 additional cost)Wine suggestion: Louis Royer Pineau des Charentes
France | Ripe | Fresh | Fruity7.50 per glassSelection of Texel, Dutch and foreign cheeses from our cheese trolleyMustard-Quincejelly | Bread(8.75 additional cost)



Matching bottle of wine with your menu?
Be advised by your host / hostess.






3 Course choice menu


Cheese platter and dessert

14.75 additional cost