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                           Lobster Tank

You probably have noticed our lobster tank at the entrance, which is filled with different types of crustaceans and shellfish.
Are you a lover? Perhaps an oyster tasting with your aperitif is a nice start of the evening.
Also recommended is our "special" fruits de mer: a plateau with all the beauty that the sea has to offer!

Fines de Claires Noirmoutier
The Oysterparks are situated on the West and East coasts of the island Île de Nourmoutier. They benefit from a continuous flow of water,
which transports nutrients to the oysters and makes them strong. The rise and fall of the tides ensure that the water is always pure.
This oyster never is milky and can be eaten all year round. The meat is plump and full in the mouth, it has a salty taste with a long and pure finish.

st 3.50
6st 20.00
12st 40.00

Wadden Oyster
Something beautiful does not have to come from far! The Wadden oysters, originally Japanese creuses, thrive around the island.
Wadden oysters, as they are called here, have their own unique taste and structure due to the enormous amounts of plankton
from the Wadden Sea with which he feeds. A beautiful firm oyster that is soft, fresh and salty in taste.
You must have tasted this oyster during your visit to the island!

st 4.00
6st 22.50
12st 45.00

The world reknown Gillardeau oyster originates from waters between the island Ile d' Oleron and the coast of La Rochelle. 
In 1898 Henri Gillardeau and family began to build a name for this oyster through superior marketing which resulted in world fame.
The Gillardeau oyster belongs to the stem 'Crasstrea Gigos'.
This oyster is a 'Special de Claire' ranking higher, thereby in quality than the famous 'Fine de Claires'.

st 5.00
6st 27.50
12st 55.00

Zeeuwse Platte
The flat oyster is round and owes its name to the flat top shell. This oyster is the one and only European oyster,
or the native oyster of our regions. The flat oyster only grows in the best and most nutrient-rich places and requires extra work,
skill and patience from the breeder. She is an adult in four years. The flat oyster is a rare delicacy with a naturally refined and
creamy taste that looks somewhat nutty. An oyster for the enthusiast!

st 6.00
6st 32.50
12st 65.00

Oyster Sampler  
Indulge yourself in a test tasting extravaganza of all the luxurious oysters above.
Fines de Claires | Wadden oyster | Gillardeau | Zeeuwse flat oyster.
This sample platter of diverse oysters described above is served with lemon, red wine vinegar, along with shallots and Tabasco.

Per 4

Wadden Oyster ''Special''
3 fried Wadden oysters with wakame salad and wasabi mayonnaise.


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